astralblak -"Wanna Be Saved"-video


astralblak -”Wanna Be Saved

We all need each other. The strong need the weak. The young need the old. As we approach the release of ’SEEDS’, our first album, we present to you: ’Wanna Be Saved’. We offer sonics and visuals as odes to the importance of a strong and healthy sense of community. Astralblak is excited to share with the world, our newest works. 

Directed by astralblak

Featuring: Dr. Joi Lewis: Miko Simmons Denyse Johnson - @denysemarie Ali Johnson Scott McDonald - @tattered_life Kiana Mayes - @theekianamarie

edited by : SwayHeavy

Sound Verite Records Presents Astralblak Astral Art Theories at Radisson RED Minneapolis


Sound Verite Records Presents


Astral Art Theories

at Radisson RED Minneapolis Downtown

A Black Arts Experience


9/21 - 10/12


No cover

Sounds by resident DJ Just Nine + Guests

Featured Artists:




Continuing from the musical residency, “Astral Beat Theories,” we are proud to announce our next series titled “Astral Art Theories..”

In conjunction with the release of our newest album ‘Seeds’, we want to celebrate the seeds of Africa: our diaspora. It is important to us to recognize and celebrate art that we are inspired by. Astralblak is launching the first Astral Art Theories. 3 artists will be given a theme to exhibit for a whole month. Each week, 1 artist will be highlighted and will provide a piece for a limited edition shirt. We are excited to exhibit what each theme brings forth in their respective works.


Astrablak’s WZRD MMYYKK releases “Escape”

MMYYKK Escape.jpg

Astrablak’s WZRD MMYYKK releases first single “Escape” from upcoming Trouvaille arriving in mid Oct.

A sonic exploration of the descent from love.  Realizing he has fallen in love with an illusion, MMYYKK finds himself navigating the depths of his emotions.  Escape brings the listener through the final stages of the death of this relationship; denial, anger, sadness, loneliness, acceptance and finally reconciliation with self. 

“I wanted the song to be a little sad, and yet beautiful. Truly as melancholy as the experience of falling out of love.” says MMYYKK.

“I was very intentional about the closing lyrics of this song. Everything is change. 

its important 

to accept that change is inevitable and endings are inevitable. I feel we have to find the beauty in endings, because endings create space for new beginnings.”

Tinariwen with Astralblak at The Cedar Cultural Center


Tinariwen with Astralblak at The Cedar Cultural Center Tues. Aug. 14th

The new album by Tinariwen could well have been called Exile on Main Street.  But other people have already thought of that. It also could have been called A la recherché du pays perdu (‘Remembrance of a lost country’). Except that would have been a tad Proustian for musicians who grew up pretty much between a rock and a sand dune, in the midst of their goat herds and camel caravans. But the idea is apt. As is the painful paradox, if you consider that while Tinariwen were busy criss-crossing the globe on their recent triumphant tours (160 concerts played in the past three years), expanding their audience on all five continents, becoming one of the latest musical phenomena of truly universal calibre, the frontiers that encircle their desert home were closing down and double-locking, forcing them into exile to record this their 8th album.

From their beginnings in a refugee camp to their latest iteration as a world-touring entity, they can provide exultation and encouragement like few other ensembles, on any continent.

— Pitchfork


Astralblak is made up of five musicians/producers: MMYYKK, Proper-T, Greg Grease, DJ Just Nine & ∆RT P∆RTÉ. Armed with various synths, drum machines, and instruments set out to bring a new, exploratory modern sound influenced by the greats of funk, soul, and jazz with electronic excursions, hard grooves, Afro-futurism and soulful melodies. Astralblak explores the psyche and searches for Black Excellence.