Astralblak to open for The Internet Hive Mind Tour


Minneapolis future funk explorers Astralblak will open for The Internet Wed. Oct 17th at The Varsity Theater. The Internet just released their latest The Hive Mind, also coming off dates with The Gorillaz. Astralblak will be performing songs off their forthcoming

Check out two new Astralblak songs “Money” featuring The Lioness and “Sand House” both from Seeds.


Astralblak release new single "Keep It Movin'"

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Minneapolis funk , futurist Astralblak release new single "Keep It Movin'" in advance of debut Seeds, arriving in November 2018

Electrosoul collective ZULUZULUU returns with a new name and now go by the moniker Astralblak and their new single sets a whole new precedence for the group. "Wanna Be Saved" is a soul-drenched, hip-hop cut that blends the best of both worlds with soothing melodies and dense lyrics.  - Earmilk

astralblak -"Wanna Be Saved"-video


astralblak -”Wanna Be Saved

We all need each other. The strong need the weak. The young need the old. As we approach the release of ’SEEDS’, our first album, we present to you: ’Wanna Be Saved’. We offer sonics and visuals as odes to the importance of a strong and healthy sense of community. Astralblak is excited to share with the world, our newest works. 

Directed by astralblak

Featuring: Dr. Joi Lewis: Miko Simmons Denyse Johnson - @denysemarie Ali Johnson Scott McDonald - @tattered_life Kiana Mayes - @theekianamarie

edited by : SwayHeavy