ZULUZULUU perform in The Current's studios

ZULUZULUU perform in The Current's studios

Thanks to their album What's the Price and the momentum of their live shows,ZULUZULUU have quickly become one of the most intriguing bands in local music.MMYYKKGreg GreaseProper-TTrelly MoDJ Just Nine, and ∆RT P∆RT�(pronounced "art par-tay") make up the band, and they turn out dense, rich songs that draw from music's past and future. Last week, five of ZULUZULUU's six members (∆RT P∆RT� is based in Oakland) stopped by The Current's studios to talk with Local Show host Andrea Swensson and play a few songs.

When the band loaded into the studio, they brought a Marijuana Deathsquads level of gear, carting in machines from arpeggiators to drum pads. Even so, nothing felt extraneous when they started playing, with every sound layering onto the next to create a cohesive groove. The vocals are relatively stripped down here, so the lyrics especially stand out; "What's the price," Proper-T asks, "for a young black man's life?"

During the in-studio, the band talked about the ways that art reflects and intertwines with current events. Greg Grease put it, "Being able to perform in certain spaces, [with] people that are using our music as a healing tool [...] is really powerful."

At present, ZULUZULUU are gearing up for an Icehouse residency, which will run on 10/27, 11/03, 11/11, 11/23. They hope to bring ∆RT P∆RT� to Minneapolis for at least one of the shows.

They're also one of the two local bands headed to Canada for The Current's Local Music Exchange. Having won a public vote, ZULUZULUU and Sleeping Jesus will play the Good Will in Winnipeg on Nov. 5 and the 7th St. Entry on Nov. 10, teaming up with two Manitoban bands who have yet to be announced.

Hear the whole in-studio (featuring comments on process, collaboration, and the importance of black music, plus songs "What's The Price," "Fades," and "Fall Behind") above.