The Best Minnesota Rap Songs 2016 pt 2 : ZULUZULUU – “Stakes Is High” (prod. by ZULUZULUU)

ZULUZULUU – “Stakes Is High” (prod. by ZULUZULUU)

This immaculate remake of De La Soul’s J Dilla-produced 1996 album track is a fresh take on a hip-hop classic, drawing out the deeper elements of the jazz and funk undercurrents that Dilla sprinkled throughout his work. The original’s variety of vocals and snapping groove remains, but where the song was once grounded in a sample-driven groove, it now floats in outer space, breathing and evolving naturally. The group that seemingly dominated the local scene challenged themselves with their choices of songs on cover album The Cover-Up. This is perhaps their most ambitious and satisfying among a string of winners. By Jack Spencer GoMN95.3