City Pages: Best Compilation 'Sound Verite Records/IX Vol. 1 2016'

'Sound Verite Records/IX Vol. 1 2016'


The 16-track Sound Verite Records/IX Vol. 1 2016 arrived promising that it “takes a glance into what’s happening in Minneapolis hip-hop, electronica, soul, and experimental music.” That might sound disjointed, or even overly eclectic, but the compilation is remarkable for one main reason: If you like one song, there’s a good chance you’ll dig the other 15. There’s Sound Verite Records’ own ZULUZULUU and the otherworldly funk of their excellent “Fades,” plus songs from ZULUZULUU members Greg Grease and MMYYKK. Besides Grease, there are other gifted, whip-smart rappers, ranging from veterans like I Self Devine and Muja Messiah to fresher faces like Metasota and the Lioness. You also get rising youngsters, including inventive hip-hop duo Nazeem & Spencer Joles (“Fade into the Lush”) and St. Paul R&B phenom Dizzy Fae (who sings on producer Su Na’s SoundCloud smash “Complexion”). There’s a forward-thinking, socially conscious air about the entire compilation, starting with I Self Devine and Muja Messiah’s rousing Black Lives Matter anthem “We Ain’t Scared,” featuring Lady Midnight.