City Pages Best EP : Muja Messiah - Saran Rap


Best EP

'Saran Rap' by Muja Messiah

Saran Rap is a match made in indie hip-hop heaven, pairing veteran Minneapolis MC Muja Messiah with New York underground fixture Roc Marciano, who produced the entire EP (save for the beat-less “Crackapella”) and added a verse to the lead single “You Haven’t Lived.” Over Roc’s swirling soul and jazz loops, Muja brings word-drunk Southside swagger and hilarious off-hand references. Both artists are in top form, and the EP also benefits from assists by the likes of Guilty Simpson and Oh No (indie stalwarts from Detroit and Southern California, respectively). Though it runs a mere 18 minutes, Saran Rap is an essential entry in the prolific Muja’s catalog