Lady Midnight Sparks Transformation in “Ode to a Burning Building”


As the Twin Cities patiently awaits the release of her upcoming solo debut, Minneapolis songstress Lady Midnight continues to stoke anticipation in her new video “Ode to a Burning Building.”

Premiered over the weekend as part of her immersive Ritual performances, “Ode to a Burning Building” acts as another match, illuminating her transcendent vision. By employing an unlikely allegory befitting of the post-Mayday rejuvenations, it offers a sense of hope for all those learning to accept and let go.

Directed, shot & filmed by Teddy Grimes as well as co-directed by Adja Gildersleve & A. Rimpel, the video opens with Lady Midnight slipping under the surface of the bathwater to escape the grey malaise of the world around her. As MMYYKK‘s meditative chords drone about, she is greeted by the shrouded ancestors (portrayed by the uber talented New Black City) in the wake of the sacred waters. She is soon lead into the forest to be transformed and reaffirm her connection through the eras. As the bubbles slow and the music’s ethereal cries begin to settle, she emerges from the waters to embody the generational flame that burns within her, embolden to carrying the torch forward on behalf of her forgotten lineage.

With gentle yet commanding vocal tones, Lady Midnight’s third single continues to allude comparison as well as sets the stage for a new wave of celestial R&B for the Twin Cities and beyond.

Check out “Ode to a Burning Building” above and get ready for her full-length solo debut, Death Before Mourning set to be released digitally on May 17th and on vinyl on June 19th on Sound Verite.

s/o Breaks X Lakes